Petition calls for prime minister Jacinda Ardern to resign

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Blair Jones of Nelson has started an online petition calling for New Zealand’s PM Jacinda Ardern to resign. In three weeks he’s attracted more than 30,000 signatures.

On his page Jones writes of Ardern’s “constant and blatant Abuse of powers” and says “her government has gone too far”.

“From false promises during election time, to causing racial divide in our country, the current prime minister and her government are steering all of us in a direction which is dangerous to our freedoms,” he writes.

“This has been happening ever since the Christchurch Mosque attack. The first group of New Zealanders to be on the prime minister and her government’s hit list were law abiding firearms owners, where blatant scapegoating and social divide were pushed in an unfair and malicious manner which caused unnecessary tension for this group…Some would go as far as saying it was discrimination.

“Fast forward Covid, the previous election, and numerous law changes/proposals, life in New Zealand hasn’t gotten any better.”

Jones points to the creation of rushed laws and changes that Ardern and her government have pushed through during this “state of fear from Covid” saying it is “truly alarming and worrying”.

“But I fear the worst is still to come,” he writes. “A slow and gradual permanent change is always easier to carry out than a quick and forced one…think about the bigger picture here, look at what has been done in the last couple of years and gain awareness as to what direction we are being taken in as a country.”

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