People who’ve had covid-19 do not need a vaccine says university

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By Kate Dunlop at Conservative Woman: Todd Zywicki, an American law professor contested the order of his employer that he must have a Covid-19 vaccination. His reason was that he had recovered from Covid and had natural antibodies, therefore had no need of a vaccine.

In a small victory in the long battle against Covid totalitarianism, the university has granted Professor Zywicki a medical exemption from its mandatory Covid vaccination policy.

The university had announced its ‘reopening policy’ on June 28, requiring all faculty and staff members to give proof of vaccination as ‘a prerequisite for return and eligibility for any merit pay increases’ unless they obtain a religious or medical exemption.

Professor Zywicki considered the approach to be scientifically and legally unsound and was disturbed when the university emailed the policy to students and employees threatening disciplinary action, including suspension and  termination of employment  for non-compliance.

Professor Zywicki’s natural immunity has been confirmed by multiple positive antibody tests over the past year. Further, his immunologist, Dr Hooman Noorchashm, advised him that a Covid-19 vaccination was medically unnecessary…

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