People dying following ‘safe and effective’ covid vaccination

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Official adverse reaction reports from health departments worldwide are starting to emerge that appear to show that some people who have been vaccinated against covid-19, which has a 99% survival rate, are becoming seriously unwell.

From the island of Jersey in the UK comes a response to an official information request asking how many people there were hsopitalised within 28 days of receiving a covid vaccination.

In answering the questions official admitted that to the end of March this year, 55 people had died on the island within 28 days of the first dose of covid vaccination and a further 16 people died within 28 days of their second dose.

The link is here, if you’d link to confirm, but Jersey’s medical department also says 307 people have been admitted to Jersey General Hospital within 28 days of their first dose of covid vaccination and a further 53 have been admitted within 28 days of their second dose.

These numbers, says Jersey Health are for emergency admissions only and exclude patients who attended hospital for an elective procedure or regular treatments (eg in the oncology or renal departments).

But don’t worry, vaccine manufacturers say the injuries and deaths caused by their covid vaccines are within the expected range.

To the question: “Since March 2020, how many deaths have been attributed to covid-19 without confirmation of a positive test? That is, ‘probable covid-19 death’.”

Jersey Health say 69 deaths in Jersey have been registered with covid-19 as a cause of death since March 2020 and to date, of these 69 deaths, 17 deaths were registered as ‘Probable covid-19’.

Probable covid-19 is defined by Jersey Health as “the person either tested negative in laboratory testing or was not tested for covid-19 and the cause of death was certified as ‘Probable covid-19’ based on clinical history and investigations”.



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