Order issue 4 of The Real News today

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Issue 4 of Kiwi newspaper The Real News, from the publishers of Uncensored magazine, is now ready to order with options for bulk purchases.

“Issue 4 is a blockbuster,” says the publication’s co-editor Katherine Smith.

The Real News front page
The Real News – issue 4.

“The latest issue carries on the high-level reporting and commentary on the Plandemic Agenda and how the wheels are rapidly coming off their plan – now the world is waking up from the trance.

“It reports on the emerging “vaccine” catastrophe and reveals the truth that is being kept from the people by those who have signed on to the depopulation agenda.

“But it also carries detailed stories of hope that are emerging now in the struggle for life and truth.

“We hope that you will read it and share it with people who urgently need to understand what is really going on and how their health and that of their friends and families is under siege.”

Katherine says the newspaper will be out soon and provides a “great distillation of hundreds of documents that absolutely prove the case”.

Bulk purchases

If you would like to order multiple copies so you have some for family and friends and/or for distribution to others in your community, please visit this page.

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