One man stood between covid and the government’s agenda of scaring the people

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By Dave Kelly

Unless you started to question the whole covid agenda very early on you may have missed a key piece in the chain of events that took us from the outbreak of covid-19 in 2019 to a near totalitarian society. A society where nightly headlines of covid cases and covid deaths instilled fear in nearly every man, woman, and child in the land (a few of us refused to be scared).

Do you remember the nightly headlines back in early 2020 of covid cases? Ten cases, 50 cases, another 20 cases. Cases, cases, cases. In New Zealand, no one was dying as a direct result of covid, yet the covid cases rose and rose.

Stay indoors. Don’t talk to your neighbour. Close all businesses (apart from those owned by corporations). Wear a pointless face mask. Keep your distance. Don’t visit sick and elderly relatives in case you kill them with the virus. Be scared, very scared. You could die!

Cases, cases, cases!

And what was the source of all these so-called ‘cases’? It was a thing called the PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test. And its inventor, the outspoken US scientist Kary Mullis (pictured above) insisted the test he invented was not a tool to find cases of covid.

The PCR test is a method of amplifying samples. How does it work?

Well, imagine you have an old fashioned vinyl record. The volume on the amplifier is turned down, you put the needle on the record and after a few seconds you start to hear the recording – music comes out of the speakers. There was silence before the music started. Now put the needle back on the ‘silent’ part of the record and turn the volume up to 100%. You hear surface noise. That’s your covid case. That perfect record isn’t so perfect after all – if you look close enough.

Mullis had said on video that his PCR test can find anything you want to as it can amplify anything to a point it can be seen. If you wanted a false positive, an unreliable result, if you wanted to find covid in everyone – the PCR test was the thing to use.

Mullis was shouting from the rooftops that the test he invented was not the tool for establishing if someone was positive with a virus. That’s not what it was designed for. Yet the authorities used it any way.

Mullis was a Nobel Prize winning scientist and decades before his death in late 2019, he was an outspoken opponent of how his PCR tests were being misused, the corruption of modern medicine, and he had no time for Dr Anthony Fauci – the man who stoked up worldwide fear of covid-19 and said the PCR test is the gold standard for testing people for covid.

Up until about a year ago, Fauci was still being applauded as a hero for his covid-19 response. Although, one has to wonder why? He was all over the show when it came to advice…

  1. Masks should be worn.
  2. Or maybe not.
  3. The vaccine can prevent you from getting covid.
  4. Well, actually, it can’t. Sorry.

The fact is, Mullis was a thorn in the side of Fauci. And the sudden death of Mullis, just prior to the apparent spread of covid around the world (thanks to the the PCR test) raised a few eyebrows.

The very man who said the Emperor had no clothes died in his home in Newport Beach, California, from complications of pneumonia on 7 August 2019 – just in the nick of time for the PCR test to be rolled out months later as the recommended way to test for covid cases.

Fauci also used the PCR test in the 1980s to test for AIDS. Was there an outbreak of AIDS or were people dying of something else? Plenty has been written about that question.

Frankly, more than two years on from people’s lives being destroyed by government lockdowns and restrictions on our movements (even internally within New Zealand at one point), now that thousands of businesses have gone under, families split, and homes lost to the banks…Whether Kary Mullis died of natural causes or was murdered (as some people think) is almost a mute point.

It will remain a mystery, a covid legend, a footnote in the disaster brought upon us by a government that over-reached into our lives and destroyed the economy in the process – borrowing billions of interest-bearing dollars in our name.

The next five years are going to be tough as a direct result of what our and other governments around the world have done. New Zealand’s debt to the banks is huge. I’m guessing that in 2023/24 we will be told that instead of wiping made-up numbers from a computer screen to clear the debt the global economy will have to be reset.

National ID cards and a digital currency are just around the corner. And with it total surveillance of you and your spending. They will say whether you can buy milk on a Wednesday or make a purchase at your local bottle shop on a Friday.

But let’s give the final word to Kary Mullis: “Those guys have an agenda.”

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