Omicron is sweeping through NZ – an inconvenient truth for Ardern

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By Dave Kelly

According to Our World Data, which collects data on covid, its variants, cases, and vaccines rollouts around the world, New Zealand’s share of the Omicron variant in all analyzed sequences in the preceding two weeks is 76% (the chart below is updated automatically).

In my humble opinion, it’s better to have Omicron now than during a damp cold winter (given the parlous state of many of hour homes).

It also means that anything the government says about keeping this variant out of the country is nonsense. And any measures it imposes under the guise of keeping Omicron out is more about politics than health.

Omicron is here and it was identified in early December 2021 according to Our World Data.

According to the MoH, 104,000 PCR covid tests were carried out in the four weeks to January 16.

No doubt, Ardern will play it down until after her wedding (or cancel it).

Update: 23 Jan – single mum Ardern has postponed her wedding (although no date had been previously been announced).

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