NZ vaccine mandates to end in June

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By Dave Kelly

When crowds of peaceful anti-madnate camapigners camped on the grounds of Wellington’s Beehive demanding an end to government imposed vaccine mandates in April, little did they know they were due to end in a few months’ time.

Minister Chris Hipkins announced today the mandates would end in June and you have to wonder why this crucial nugget of information wasn’t announced last month. Unless the government just made it up this week, after police brutalised campaigners for exercising their democratic right to protest.

If this was the plan all along, why didn’t Jacinda Ardern say so and watch the campaigners walk away in peace, having been heard and listened to?

An article published by Stuff states that declining Omicron infections and hospitalisations would help decide whether vaccine mandates – due to expire in June – would be renewed, Covid-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins said.

In an announcement that will be a shock to many, Hipkins is quoted as saying: “The requirements for the use of a vaccine pass are something we keep under constant review…We will have to make decisions about whether they are renewed, if they are renewed on what basis, and our experience with the current Omicron peak will very much inform those discussions.”

Of course, while anti-mandate campaigners may have been dispersed by government employed thugs brandishing riot shields, forget-me sticks, pepper spray, tear gas, and ‘rubber’ bullets as big as your fist, the pressure they brought to bear on the authorities continues to reverberate around Parliament while prime minister Ardern mulls over her options. We at The Buzz reckon she only has one.

Anti-mandate campaigners try to keep the peace while being pushed and bullied by uniformed thugs.
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