NZ Police ask for videos of brutal attacks and criminal activity

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Despite numerous police photographers capturing stills and video of peaceful anti-mandate campaigners being attacked outside parliament on Wednesday 2 March, the old bill is asking members of the public to share their own footage with the authorities.

In a statement issued Saturday 5 March, police say it continues to appeal for video and still images to help identify those involved in criminal activity during the operation to restore order and access to the Parliamentary precinct..

“We would like to thank those who have already provided imagery since the appeal was made,” say police. “It will play an important role in the investigation and possible prosecution of anyone thought to have engaged in criminal behaviour.”

Police say its investigation team is seeking first-hand images and videos of violent criminal offending and people committing offences in and around Parliament.

The content can be uploaded at: with large amounts of footage is asked to provide their contact details via the link.

Police say the process of removing bollards to allow further access back around Parliament continues today.

The Lower Molesworth Street cordon will remain in place over the weekend.

Police are highly-visible this weekend in Wellington, providing reassurance to the community that they can move freely around the central city.

Nationally, there are a number of small protest gatherings which Police continue to actively monitor and manage as required.

This includes several in the greater Wellington area which were displaced by last week’s operation.

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