Newstalk’s Kerre McIvor loses it with a caller living in fear of covid

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Popular morning talk show host Kerre McIvor lost her rag with a caller on Tuesday 14 December after fielding calls about covid, lockdowns, border checkpoints and hearing that the unvaccinated were blamed for it all.

Caller Janine told McIvor the hospitals were full of unvaxxed people being treated ahead of those who were vaccinated against covid-19 (a disease with a survival rate of 99+%.)

McIvor challenged the caller on every point she made, including how the so-called covid infection modellers had been proved wrong every time.

Then boom! McIvor lost her rag and called Janine a “sad, pathetic, creature” before cutting her off.

What followed was 25 minutes of commercials, Christmas music, the news and more commercials as McIvor apparently cooled down and composed herself.

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