Newstalk ZB hires businessman to host talkback show

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If you think a qualification in broadcast radio or journalism will set you up for a job as a radio talk show host, then think again.

Clearly there are not enough qualified or trained people in the country when it comes to this area of the media as NZME – New Zealand Media and Entertainment (note the absence of the word ‘news’) – has hired Wellington entrepreneur Nick Mills to front Newstalk ZB’s Wellington mornings programme.

In a breathless press release the owner of the New Zealand Herald tells us that Nick Mills has been a long-time owner of the Saints basketball franchise, and owns several restaurants and bars in the capital. So he’s perfectly placed to run a radio phone-in show with his fingers on the pulse of news, current affairs, and media law.

Apparently Newstalk ZB has been searching high and low for a replacement host for its morning show in Wellington since the slot’s former presenter Heather du Plessis-Allan moved to the network’s national Drive show in April 2019 – two years ago. There really must be a scarcity of radio talent in New Zealand.

I wonder what all the applicants for this job must think…

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