TV1 reporter walks away as Liz Gunn asks why they won’t look into claims kids were injured by the vaccine

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By Michael Coles [UPDATED with reference to NZ Herald report, additional video]

When covid shots were administered to children on Monday 17 January on Auckland’s North Shore there were social media claims that some of them fell ill from the jab. However, it appears these claims are false.

According to one (deleted) Facebook post there were unconfirmed reports that five children collapsed after receiving the jab at North Shore’s Eventfinder Stadium. A subsequent NZ Herald report says claims of children becoming unwell following a vaccine injection are false.

On Tuesday Northern Region Health Clinical Director, Dr Anthony Jordan issued a written statement saying: “We are aware of some claims of adverse events occurring at the Eventfinda Stadium drive-through vaccination centre on the North Shore yesterday. These are incorrect. We can confirm there are no reports of any such events occurring.”

The fact there are no reports of these events could mean they were not reported. But I’d guess Vaccinators at the event would have been questioned by the DHB.

The video below was recorded on Monday (17 Jan) and shows independent TV presenter Liz Gunn challenging a One News reporter about why she wouldn’t investigate the claims.

As far as we can hear, the ‘reporter’ doesn’t appear to comment much, but her cameraman – also working for the state broadcaster – said they would wait for a District Health Board (DHB) press release (rather than go back and check).

While Gunn followed the reporter along a footpath a minder for the TV crew, sporting a Vodafone shirt, appears to barge in to separate Gunn from the reporter.

Below is the original video showing Gunn speaking with the reporter, and further down a video statement from Gunn (released Tuesday evening) on the events of Monday with a fuller version of Gunn speaking with the TV1 news crew tacked on the end.

Gun rightly condemn One News for relying on press releases as a source of news and for not listening to her claims that children may have been injured.

The Buzz understands Gunn’s frustration with the journalist walking away.

As it stands, we have an official denial that any children were injured. However, we look forward to Jacinda Ardern’s response to Gunn’s challenge for her to state the facts of the matter at her next stand up.

What could the One News reporter have done?

  1. Interview Gunn on the spot to ask what she has seen, heard, or knows
  2. Return to the vaccination centre to ask staff if any children have become unwell due to the vaccine (the most obvious choice)
  3. Tell Gunn she will make calls to establish the facts when she gets back to the office
  4. Explain that her editor sets the assignments and she will call to get guidance – and thanks for the tip off

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