Newly-released Pfizer file reveals vaccine injuries suffered by adults and babies

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By Michael Coles

When prime minister Jacinda Ardern and the country’s director general of health stood up in early 2021 to assure the nation’s TV watching public that Pfizer’s covid vaccine was both safe and effective, they could not have read Pfizer’s own report on the safety profile of its covid-19 vaccine.

Jacinda Ardern, minister for Child Poverty Reduction.
Jacinda Ardern.

When a person as powerful and as influential as the prime minister and senior government advisers tell the population that something is safe we assume it is 100% safe.

When director general of health Ashley Bloomfield said the Pfizer vaccine is effective against covid, he didn’t say it was 84% effective (or 42% effective) – so we assumed it was 100% effective and permanent.

Not only is the vaccine far from being 100% safe and effective, it doesn’t last long in people’s systems and so a second jab was introduced, followed by a booster. And if New Zealand follows Israel then a second booster (4th jab) is on the cards for those inclined to get jabbed ad infinitum.

There was also no talk that once injected, and then eligible for a covid passport, that the passport would expire on the say-so of Ardern. But that’s another story.

Almost one year on from its secret publication on 30 April 2021 we now know just how safe and effective the jab is thanks to a US court-ordered release of Pfizer’s Post-authorization Adverse Event Reports 5.3.6 (PDF sourced from Public Health & Medical Professionals for Transparency).

Pfizer’s highly technical document, featuring 38 pages of scientific tongue-twisting gobble-de-gook, boils down to the simple fact that lots of people who were jabbed appear to have suffered physical harm. In fact, a word search of the Pfizer document brings up the word ‘death’ 14 times. The word ‘fatal’ appears 18 times.

When it comes to adverse event reports, Pfizer only includes those where it could chart the jabbed person from start to finish (so it is accurate).

According to a table on p7; of the 42,086 vaccinated people covered by the report as at 28 February 2021:

  • 1,223 people had died (2.9%)
  • 19,582 people had recovered or were recovering from the vaccine (46%)
  • 520 recovered “with sequelae” (an ongoing issue) (1.25%)
  • 11,361 had not recovered (27%)
  • 9,400 people – unknown (22.3%). The report says it is not known what happened to 9,400 people. They could be 100% fine, sick, permanently injured, or dead. The multi-billion-dollar company doesn’t know.

In short, out of the 42,086 vaccinated people at least 21,325 were worse for wear. That’s a 50% adverse event rate, plus the 9,400 people we don’t know about.

Pfizer’s report lists the most common adverse events (remember, one person can report more than one adverse event):

  • General disorders and administration site conditions (sore arm): 51,335
  • Nervous system disorders: 25,957
  • Musculoskeletal and connective tissue disorders: 17,283
  • Gastrointestinal disorders: 14,096
  • Skin and subcutaneous tissue disorders: 8,476
  • Respiratory, thoracic and mediastinal disorders: 8,848
  • Infections and infestations: 4,610 (infestations?)
  • Injury, poisoning and procedural complications: 5,590


In a shocking admission (p12), the Pfizer report looks at 270 mums-to-be, 23 of which lost their unborn child following a covid-19 vaccination.

Of 133 vaccinated mums who breastfed their baby, 17 adverse reactions were experienced by the child. From Pyrexia (fever) to irritability and vomiting. The Pfizer document’s appendix includes nine pages of reported adverse reactions.

Covid fatality rate

The fatality rate of those who catch covid is around 1% in most countries. Yet of those who got the jab, 2.9% died according to Pfizer’s findings. However, it cannot be said for certain the jab caused the deaths. Theoretically, a jabbed person my have died in a motor accident (Pfizer has not released causes of deaths).

Worth noting though is the covid-19 case fatality rate in New Zealand is 0.3% according to John Hopkins University. In Australia it is 0.1% and in the UK it is 1% (I wonder if the warm weather helps people survive covid infections).

Director general of health Ashley Gloomfield.

The media is great at scaring people with case numbers, when what we need to know is how many people have died as a direct result of catching covid…But I digress.

As at 25 January 2022 in New Zealand the following vaccine adverse events have been published by Medsafe (report 39) – based on reports to CARM (which has a 5% reporting rate).

  • 133 deaths*
  • 47 Miscarriages*
  • 455 Heart inflammation (these can cause permanent damage to the heart muscle)
  • 58 Heart attacks
  • 320 Blood clots (which can be life threatening and cause permanent disability)

In 2021 I contacted Medsafe about the adverse events to see if its crack team of scientists were concerned about them. I was told the adverse events to the covid vaccine were “within expectations”. That’s alright then.

The question is; how could, and how can Ardern and her government, continue to say the covid vaccine is safe?

One final comment. The silence of all non-ministerial Labour MPs has been deafening for two years. Where are they?

*In my opinion, these two numbers should be combined to show 180 people died following vaccination.

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