New hope in hunt for missing MH370 airliner

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The possibility of a new search for MH370 has been dramatically enhanced by the latest results from trials of a new breakthrough tracking technology called WSPRnet.

Aerospace engineer Richard Godfrey says he is “able to detect and track aircraft anywhere in the globe and at any time currently or historically going back as far as 2009.”

There is no doubt that Mr Godfrey’s work offers real hope of a significant breakthrough in the search for MH370 with a far more accurate picture of the flight route and last minutes of the flight which was lost on March 8, 2014, with 239 souls aboard.

“While Inmarsat satellite tracking and drift modelling have identified an area about 1900km west of Perth, Western Australia the search area is still large and more accurate data is needed to commit to a search,” Mr Godfrey said

“In my view, my work will not provide a “massive” amount of new data, but it will provide a significant breakthrough in the search for MH370…”

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