Israel – natural immunity to covid more effective than vaccines, 40% of new cases were vaccinated

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News from Israel shows that those who were vaccinated against covid don’t do as well as those who built up a natural (heard) immunity to the virus. News service Arutz Sheva reports that 40% of new covid patients were vaccinated against the virus.

The publisher says former coronavirus sufferers were far less likely to become infected during the latest wave of the pandemic than people who were vaccinated against covid.

Israeli Health Ministry data on the wave of covid outbreaks which began in May show that those with (herd) immunity from natural infection were far less likely to become infected again in comparison to Israelis who had the vaccination.

The paper reports that more than 7,700 new cases of the virus have been detected since May, but just 72 were people who have been infected previously – that is, less than 1% of the new cases.

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With a total of 835,792 Israelis known to have recovered from the virus, the 72 instances of reinfection amount to 0.0086% of people who were already infected with covid.

By contrast, says the paper, Israelis who were vaccinated were more than six times more likely to get infected after the shot than after natural infection, with more than 3,000 of the 5 million Israelis who were vaccinated getting infected in the latest wave.

The news is confounding some medical experts.

81% of Israelis vaccinated, but still the cases keep coming.

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