Mum of three dies after AstraZeneca covid jab in UK

Childminder Tanya Smith, 43, of Plymouth, UK, received her first vaccination in March and died four days later on 3 April as a result of numerous blood clots.

Kenneth Edwards, Ms Smith’s partner, told local paper, Portsmouth Live, that she felt “pretty rough” for a couple of days after the AstraZeneca jab and developed painful stomach cramps. Ms Smith was taken to Derriford Hospital where it was found she had suffered multiple blood clots.

According to Portsmouth Live, mum-of-three Ms Smith suffered a heart attack and a cardiac arrest and after a short period of stability, her condition got “progressively worse” before she died.

Mr Edwards believes she would not have passed away if she hadn’t have had the Covid-19 AstraZeneca vaccine, but this can not be confirmed until a full investigation and inquest into her death has taken place.

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BBC presenter dies following covid jab

Award-winning BBC radio presenter Lisa Shaw died in hospital after suffering blood clots following her AstraZeneca vaccination, her family has said.

The 44-year-old, who was a well-known broadcaster in the north-east of England and had worked for BBC Radio Newcastle since 2015, developed severe headaches a week after having the jab and fell seriously ill a few days later, relatives said in a statement.

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