More than 1,400 deaths following covid injections in the UK

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The Lighthouse: Official UK Government data reveals 1,400 deaths and one million serious adverse reactions to the experimental covid shots. These include blindness, blood clots, paralysis, MS and stillbirths.

Yet it is generally accepted that reporting to the UK Government’s Yellow Card scheme reflects less than 10% of actual incidences and could be as low as 1%.

It is a terrifying toll only months after injections began, yet the appalling statistics are being ignored by the NHS, Big Pharma and the mainstream media – despite calls for the experimental trials to be halted immediately.

People are scared to speak out within the NHS, government and media, because they have been threatened with their jobs and reputations. No one wants to be homeless or hungry, and these are powerful, motivating factors to coerce people to comply and keep quiet about what they are seeing.

Read the full story in issue 11 of Lighthouse Newspaper.

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