More face mask mind games from minister Hipkins

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By Voices for Freedom

The Government is clearly concerned more Kiwis are waking up to the propaganda that is mask wearing. In response to some of the hype resulting from the recent government and (MSM) media messaging regarding the new mask exemptions: in the government’s own wording “masks are optional”.

“Both the new personalised exemption cards and existing non-personalised exemption cards from the Ministry of Health or the Disabled Persons Assembly are optional for people who are exempt as an aid to them in avoiding discrimination,” says Hipkins.

“…Exempt persons continue to have the same rights of access to businesses and services irrespective of their optional use of an exemption card.”

Masks are not required for school children attending at school. Your child cannot be excluded from activities/school for not wearing a mask.

First because masks are no longer required. Second, because, to extent any school may still seek to enforce their own requirements, your child has a legitimate exemption. See here for list of (non exhaustive) conditions that may be relied upon.
Following the announcement of yet another “new” exemption process, a Radio New Zealand article quoted a concerned medical specialist saying: “The current list of criteria was so wide it was absurd – almost everyone in the country would qualify.”

And that is the point. Masking has never been about health. It has always been about compliance.

Chris Hipkins, obviously rattled of late on the mask front, fancied a bit of scare mongering was in order stating ominously: “People who fraudulently misuse the process will be in breach of a covid-19 Order under the covid-19 (Public Health Response) Act 2020”.

Well, for the record Chris…claiming to be exempt isn’t fraudulent.

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