Modeling on covid infections may have been ‘over the top’

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By Newstalk ZB

New Zealand’s Omicron outbreak may not be unfolding as initially thought. There were early predictions New Zealand could see 50-thousand infections by Waitangi weekend. But only 147 new community cases were recorded today. 

Covid-19 Modeller Rodney Jones told Heather du Plessis-Allan some modelling has been over the top, with our particular demographics playing a part. 

“It will be in the thousands, we may not even get above 10 thousand, you know, New Zealand has many characteristics, it’s mainly Auckland and apart from that it’s pretty spread out.” 

The Buzz says: Below, from the NZ Herald Friday 4 February 2022 (you couldn’t make it up).

Covid response minister Hipkins has never believed the covid infection modelling numbers. Yet, most of the population hung on his every word from the pulpit of truth.

covid infection modelling bull shit

Chris Hipkins is also the person who – in 2021 – said he’d search out the unvaxxed…

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