Midwives told to prepare for men giving birth through their penis – we kid you not

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By Bryndís Blackadder

Students studying midwifery at a top UK University were taught that biological males can get pregnant and give birth through their penis – before instructors hastily edited a workbook they were given.

News site Reduxx exclusively obtained teaching resources from students studying midwifery at Edinburgh Napier University in Scotland. The students, who wished to remain anonymous, were initially provided biologically impossible instruction on giving care to men who were pregnant and in labour. 

In a module about caring for women during childbirth the students were initially provided a “Skills Workbook” on catheterization that contained significant guidance about handling male genitals, and caring for biologically male “birthing people”.

According to the workbook, students were advised: “It is important to note that while most times the birthing person will have female genitalia, you may be caring for a pregnant or birthing person who is transitioning from male to female and may still have external male genitalia.”

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While university staff later realized the significant errors made, an edit to the guidebook only corrected the initial wording in the introduction, changing “male to female” to “female to male.” All references to the handling of a penis, prostate gland, and other male biology remained.

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