Man loses job and home following stroke – fiancé blames vaccine injury

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“Hello all. I’ve been keeping this situation close to my heart as I wasn’t ready to make it public, nor wondered if I even should. However it has come to the point where I can no longer keep silent about what happened to my beautiful fiance, Leo.

On the 5th of December 2021, Leo had his second Pfizer vaccine. Then on the 17th of December while at work, Leo had an Ischaemic stroke in his right cerebella caused by a blood clot that burst a 3mm tear in his artery. He was transferred from Waitakere hospital to North shore Hospital ADU unit for further tests.

Initially they tested him for vertigo, but after an MRI scan they discovered he had a cryptogenic right SCA infarct. Upon further scans to his heart they discovered a PFO (hole in his heart).

The doctors “theorise” the blood clot was formed in the hole and travelled up to his brain, however I am absolutely 100% convinced that the vaccine caused the blood clot, despite what the doctor put on his discharge papers, saying it was all coincidental.

He is now on a waitlist for surgery to close the hole. This could take up to 6 months. He was the youngest person on the stroke ward – the medical staff who looked after him were in disbelief. Our friends and family were equally as shocked. I was a mess.

The weird thing is, the timing of the incident is an eerily similar timeline as the dear young man named Rory Nairn from Dunedin, except a month apart.

Rory had his 1st vaccine on the 5th of November and had a heart attack and unfortunately passed away on the 17th of November. Leo experienced his stroke on the 17th of December after having his 2nd vaccine on the 5th of December.

They were healthy 26 and 27 year old males with no major underlying health issues. Both medical incidents happened just 12 days after the injection. Surely this isn’t just a coincidence?

Leo was discharged on the 22nd of December with absolutely no direction on where to go for help, except to call The Stroke Foundation. Unfortunately he hasn’t had much luck getting the help he needs.

Leo has been extremely disappointed in the health system, after many phone calls and email enquiries practically begging for assistance. He has thankfully recently been seen by a physiotherapist – 2 months later.

He is extremely lucky to be alive and now in a state of recovery, although the road will be long before he is back to his normal self. The stroke has crippled his artistic endeavours and now he really has to focus on using his right arm for basic needs.

Unfortunately he has had to resign from his job as he is unfit to work and we have lost our rental property in the process. We now have to move back home with my parents due to him not being eligible for financial assistance.

We both got vaccinated for what we thought was for the benefit of our health. However, he is now no longer healthy and is at risk of having another stroke in his lifetime. We try to remain positive in a negative situation- we will absolutely overcome this adversity. Our close support system has been a Godsend and we love them for everything they have done to help.

I am sharing this story in the hopes this information may help others to speak up, especially now that so many others have suffered the consequences of one choice being made for the good of the community. Thank you for hearing me out, I wish you all the best on this difficult journey we find ourselves in.”

Please share this story - thanks