Let unvaxxed kids have fun and freedom – petition launched

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A petition has been launched – 45,000 supporters so far – saying children as young as 12 are now being excluded from their hobbies, recreational activities and school activities due to Jacinda Ardern’s vaccine mandates. 

Rebecca Lawrence started the petition of Change.org saying the 12-17 year old age group is not susceptible to serious adverse affects from covid-19.

“This age group is susceptible to mental health issues – we have one of the worst statistics in the world,” writes Lawrence. “Sports and activities can help maintain good mental health. Being excluded from these activities could increase the likelihood of depression and anxiety within this age group. 

“The vaccine has not be tested for long term effects, so it’s unclear whether it will cause harm to these kids in the future. It is fundamentally wrong to exclude children based on their / their parents health choices.

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