Legal challenge launched over vaccine passports

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A letter has been sent to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern by Frontline Law on behalf of United we Stand challenging the legality of the current vaccine passport (CVC) system. United We Stand has asked that the CVC system is removed by 4 March 2022 or a judicial review will be filed to challenge the order in court.

Lawyers at Frontline Law say the recent ruling on the Specified Vaccinations Order as unlawful has highlighted the limited difference in transmission between vaccinated and unvaccinated.

“Given an acknowledgement that Omicron will spread throughout New Zealand regardless of vaccination status there seems almost no benefit in continuing the vaccine passport system,” states United We Stand.

“The system itself has been incredibly divisive and as admitted by the Prime Minister, has started to create a two-tiered society. The restriction is destructive to businesses and a major breach of fundamental human rights, effectively punishing people for their personal medical decisions.”

United We Stand states it is proud to launch this fight on behalf of all New Zealanders to see a nation that is once again free and united.

Supporters can contribute towards legal costs here.

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