Jacinda Ardern wants to jab your kids without parental permission

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Does a 12-year-old child have sufficient intellectual and emotional maturity to make medical decisions? To agree to being jabbed with a covid-19 injection without their parent’s consent or knowledge?

Most sensible parents (or other adult) would answer the above questions with a resounding “no”.

However, somebody the NZ Ministry of Health (MoH), seems to think otherwise. They seem to think that school children should be able to make medical decisions for themselves without any parental involvement.

Yes, that’s right, some genius in the MoH has decided that children – who are rightly considered to be too young to leave school and get a job, have sex, get a driver’s license or vote – are old enough to make decisions about their healthcare. To agree to a procedure that could cause serious side effects – or in some cases even prove fatal.

Now that you have read this, please bear in mind the following facts:

  1. The major trial of the Pfizer/BioNTech mRNA vaccine in healthy adults is not due to be completed until 2023; the Covid jab is still experimental
  2. The trial of the Pfizer/BioNTech mRNA Covid jab in children aged 12 – 15 that has been conducted showed potential for severe adverse effects

Of the approximately 1,130 children who received the mRNA vaccine in the trial, one previously healthy 12-year-old girl is now in a wheelchair, has lost control of her bladder, and is dependent on a feeding tube.

This girl’s name is Maddie de Garay and…

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