Jacinda Ardern awarded Plank of the Week on UK TV show

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Panelists on a Talkradio TV show in the UK have awarded prime minister Jacinda Ardern Plank of the Week after an hour-long debate that included contenders such as UK prime minister Boris Johnson.

One of the panelists described Ardern as ‘creepy’, joked about her telling the people of New Zealand not to talk to their neighbours – described as a “low moment” in the country’s history by panelist Laura Dodsworth.

Show host Mike Graham also chided Ardern for saying the only source of truth when it came to covid was from her government “Oh, really”, he smirked.

“She’s been reading too much Chinese politics,” said panelist Russell Quirk.

Graham also says that he had planned to visit New Zealand but now wouldn’t saying “I don’t want to waste my time going there”.

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