Is long covid really a case of B12 deficiency?

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After making plans to end her life because she believed she would never recover from crushing fatigue, brain fog and breathlessness., Adelina says she has now discovered a simple treatment that reversed all of her symptoms. And she has gone from being almost paralysed to riding a bike in 12 days.

After speaking with a doctor friend in Europe, Adelina learnt she should have her iron and B12 levels checked following Covid as deficiency in these was being noticed in other long Covid sufferers. She had the tests done through her GP surgery but was told they had come back normal.

Dr Klein told the Cambridge Independent that he had seen many patients with similar symptoms to Adelina’s and that long Covid could be playing a role in making them worse.

He explained: “Certainly the combination of pernicious anaemia and Covid is a nasty one and I have seen quite a lot of it.

“Patients like Adelina describe terrible fatigue. They can’t get out of bed, they can’t work, they can’t exercise, they can’t do anything.

“Basically the symptoms of long Covid are the same as iron deficiency and B12 deficiency – fatigue, exhaustion, shortness of breath: all the symptoms that Adelina suffered.”

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