Inquiry into migrant exploitation launched

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Press Release

The Education and Workforce Committee has opened an inquiry into migrant exploitation, and is calling for submissions from the public.

The terms of reference listed below will guide what the committee investigates. Among other things, this will likely include looking into the scale of migrant exploitation in New Zealand, the impact of exploitation on migrants and their families, and what could be done to address migrant exploitation.

Terms of reference include the frequency and scale of exploitation of migrant workers in New Zealand, the impact of exploitation on migrant workers and their families and what can be done to address these impacts

In addition the inquiry will investigate the profile and sectors where exploitation of migrant workers occurs to gain a better understanding of the occurrence of workplace migrant exploitation.

Other areas the inquiry will review are to investigate the conditions that are leading to temporary migrant workers’ exploitation in New Zealand, to Investigate the profile of temporary migrant workers in New Zealand, and the behaviours and policy settings that can enable them to leave exploitative employment.

Make a submission on the inquiry by 11.59pm Thursday, 03 February 2022

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