TV1 targets magazine publisher questioning covid narrative

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By Michael Coles

How long will it be until reporters working for state broadcaster TV1 tell its viewers which books they should stop reading or perhaps burn? It might not be long because intrepid OneNews reporter Simon Mercep, who used to front the network’s consumer rights show Fair Go, got two magazines removed from sale on 29 December.

During a ‘news’ broadcast Mercep did a live cross from outside Auckland Airport to tell viewers he had spoken to retailers selling magazines promoting ‘conspiracy theories’ that challenged the government’s covid-19 narrative.

Holding copies of Uncensored magazine and The Real News, Mercep said one story had a headline stating that “fully vaccinated people are 27 times more likely to catch covid than unvaccinated”. He did not claim the headline was untrue.

The Real News story is based on an Israeli study that found vaccinated patients are 27 times more likely to develop covid symptoms than people who were infected with – and recovered from – covid-19. The story and claim were first made by the OAN network in September 2021.

But Mercep, who might know a thing or two about book burning, oppression, and discrimination given his Polish and Croation roots, didn’t bother to tell viewers this.

Mercep also pointed to a story that covid and/or the vaccine are linked to global depopulation. And while those claims have been around for a while in some alt-media circles, only time will tell as stories are surfacing that vaccinated people are finding their immune systems are not as robust as expected.

However, The Buzz is not here to defend the publisher of The Real News or Uncensored magazine. The publisher is free to write and publish what it likes. What The Buzz takes issue with is that TV1 has decided that the content of these two publications is not fit for your consumption and saw to it they were taken off sale so you won’t see them. This could be disastrous for a small independent publisher that relies on the sale of its magazines as it already is in China.

Back in the studio the ‘news’ reader said the claims relayed by Mercep didn’t ‘seem helpful’. But again, did not say the claims made in the two publications were untrue.

Mercep said he spoke to the retailers selling the magazines at the airport, one of which was an Australian-based company, and following his inquiries both retailers removed Uncensored and The Real News from sale.

I can well imagine the managers of these two retailers shaking in their boots when Mercep turned up. They probably imagined they had a choice: remove the magazines from sale or be named and shamed on national TV.

In short, someone at OneNews took it upon themselves to see to it that two magazines were removed from sale so you can’t read them. Both Uncensored and The Real News are independent ‘alternative media’ publications (much like The Buzz). It’s one thing to question, it’s quite another thing to stick the knife in.

I believe retailers should be free to sell what consumers want without interference from the likes of the government-funded broadcaster, and if the magazines didn’t sell then the retailer might chose to sell something else. TV1 took a sledgehammer to a peanut while the publisher of Uncensored throws stones at giants.

We at The Buzz support press freedom and urge all readers to subscribe now to Uncensored magazine. Subscribe to read the magazine yourself, subscribe to give the magazine as a gift, subscribe just to spite TV1. Subscribe for two years and really support brave publisher Jonathan Eisen.

Sure, you can ask for the magazine at your local retailer, but by subscribing you put more money directly in the pocket of Eisen and will help support the magazine in the best way possible.

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