I know when the covid madness will end

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By Charles Coles – Shouting Into the Wind: When it comes to covid-19 and the government-imposed restrictions on our freedom of movement, ability to earn a living, and feed our children, something is off.

Most of us feel something isn’t quite right but we can’t put our finger on it. We are told there is a killer virus circulating in the community, yet people are not dropping down dead or collapsing in the street. Ambulances are not screaming to and from hospitals across the country picking up the terminally sick. Men are not walking the streets pushing a wheelbarrow shouting ‘bring out your dead’.

We were told in 2020 a short lockdown was the answer to the covid ‘pandemic’. Then we were told we’d need to get vaccinated for our own good. Then came talk of compulsory vaccinations, then no jab, no job – just recently prime minister Jacinda Ardern said vaccinations are a health & safety workplace issue – so employers were free to insist their staff get vaccinated. Even though vaccinated people spread viruses as much as non-vaccinated people.

Then came the second vaccination, talk of boosters, vaccine passports, tracking apps, signing in here, there and everywhere.

Little by little, bit by bit, our freedoms were curtailed, inch by inch by inch. Still, the masses – fed by a lockdown diet of fear porn on the TV and radio are told there are more cases. Then more cases, and more cases.

Queues for covid tests blocked the roads in some parts of Auckland, with some motorists telling mask-wearing TV ‘reporters’ they were getting tested ‘just for something to do’. They didn’t feel unwell, they just thought it would help pass the time.

And you can understand this to a point. Ardern was on TV saying people should get tested. Then she told them to stay home if they felt ill with flu symptoms. Or if they felt ill to leave their home to get tested. Then those who may have been anywhere near a ‘place of interest’ (as if viruses are only found in certain places) were advised to get tested. Then surprise surprise, the covid positive cases rose.

PCR Test

What we are not told is that a ‘case’ is a positive PCR trest, and that the PCR test is not a reliable test. People who feel perfectly 100% fit and healthy have been told they have the covid. They are told this because the PCR test amplifies the contents of the swab sample so much that anything can be found.

The PCR amplification test is like the volume control on your HiFi. Turn it up loud enough and you will hear things you didn’t know where there – surface noise on a vinyl record for example – which ordinarily (at the lower volume) you wouldn’t detect. It’s there, but harmless.

So the PCR test is providing false positives that support the government’s narrative. Placing perfectly healthy people, and their families, in isolation for no reason. Some people are very stressed to hear they have tested positive, even though they feel fine. The mental anguish some suffer is unconscionable.

For every decision prime minister Ardern announces she says she is guided by Dr Ashley Bloomfield and others (thereby distancing herself from what she is about to say) – should some inquiry be held in a few years’ time when the great and the good are called to account. Judged for decimating people’s lives, destroying businesses, denying sick people the urgent medical treatments they need – shut out of hospitals because of the lockdowns. Denied treatments for cancer.

How many people have died through medical neglect because of the decisions of this government? How many people have mental health issues today as a result of being locked in their homes. How many people have we lost because they feel helpless?

How many children have gone hungry because they are not getting their free school meals – because their school is closed?

Face masks

Quietly the masses sit in their front rooms watching TV to be told what to think by the experts. Told what to eat by the adverts, told how to live their lives by sit-coms and daily drama shows. Scared witless by the TV news spreading fear.

Now we are told to wear a face mask. Even though masks are known to provide zero defence against catching a virus, a virus that can enter the body via the eyes. Face masks are pointless, and even worse are known to be harmful if worn for long periods.

Harmful because they restrict oxygen intake (cancer loves this) and the masks themselves become breeding grounds for God knows what! Think of the germs your body expels that are trapped in your face mask and allowed to grow thanks to your hot moist breath.

The evidence is clear, even so-called expert ‘Nano Girl” advised Ardern a year ago that masks are pointless. Yet now we are told to wear a mask or be refused entry to a shop to buy the weekly groceries. What’s changed? Has the science changed? No it hasn’t.

People are walking along the streets, parks and beaches wearing face masks – many feeling very proud of themselves. There is no end to the virtual signalling – even people driving alone in their cars are wearing masks. Pure utter mind-boggling pointless madness. And yet it continues because a person on the TV says it should.

TV reporters standing inside parliament talk to camera with a mask on. Outside in the street, they wear a face mask to give their reports. I wonder if radio broadcasters also wear a mask? Dissenting voices are nowhere to be seen on your TV (no debate, no discussion, no questioning).

People, every one of us, are born free. Free to choose how to live our lives. Free to accept or refuse medical treatments. Each of us is free to do whatever we like, so long as we are prepared to live with the consequences – good or bad.

Each of us knows not to hurt other people, steal from them, or damage their property. We are not stupid, we know how society works, what is sensible and what is best for us. We all want to get along, look after ourselves and – where possible – help others if we can. It’s the human condition built into our DNA.

We are by and large law abiding citizens. And it is this compliance that prevents the majority of people from questioning the lady on the TV telling us what we can and can’t do.

Her MPs have voted in many new laws over the past 12 months that force the hand of police should they see someone doing something quite normal that is now outlawed (such as walking into a shop without a face mask, unless it’s a cafe or restaurant in which case the virus won’t be present). It’s becoming oppressive. Our freedoms edging away.

There is some good news though because I know exactly when the madness will end.

It will end when you say so, and not a moment before, because when people have power over you they don’t give it up lightly.

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