How to change your sex once a year – no surgery required! Move to Germany

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By Paul Joseph Watson

Under a new law, people living in Germany will be able to change their gender and first name without having to undergo any surgery once a year, every year if required.

The German government’s Self-Determination Act will allow transgender, intersex, and non-binary people to change their gender at will – merely by visiting a registry office and signing a piece of paper.

The need to submit a medical report or obtain expert opinion in court proceedings has been eliminated by the new legislation, which is expected to pass parliament before Bundestag members go on vacation.

“The Self-Determination Act will improve the lives of transgender people and recognize gender diversity,” said Family Minister Lisa Paus.

“In many areas, society is further ahead of legislation. As a government, we have decided to create a legal framework for an open, diverse and modern society,” she added.

The law officially codifies gender dysphoria, a mental illness, into being a fundamental right, with the condition having previously been treated (correctly) as a sickness.

“A moderate majority of Germans, 46 percent, approve of the government’s plans, while 41 percent of respondents reject the law, according to a representative survey by the YouGov Institute,” reports Remix News.

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