How many countries stop their citizens from returning home?

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In a full page advert in a prominent magazine, Michael Horton listed all the countries that prevent their citizens from returning home.

The Buzz is pleased to share the list by republishing the ‘advertisement’ below and encourage all readers to download it here and share far and wide – perhaps start with your ‘honourable’ member of parliament.

The Buzz says that everybody who is legally entitled to reside in New Zealand should be allowed home without needing an MIQ spot. That system is broken. It broke the day after it was started.

Exceptions appear to apply though, if you are DJ or a pop singer booked to perform at a wedding.

And the answer to the above question, in case you wondered, is One. New Zealand.

The government has failed its own people – your friends and family. You should be angry.

Read Kiwi Dan Wootton’s report on Ardern’s latest edicts here.

Kiwis banned form New Zealand
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