How bad is my batch?

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By Dave Kelly

No, we’re not talking damp holiday homes. The ‘How Bad is my Batch‘ website is gathering data on different covid vaccine batches from around the world – mainly Europe at the moment – to establish if there is a difference from one batch to another.

The website allows users to search by vaccine batch number and there is a country-by-country breakdown – but neither NZ nor Australia is currently listed.

Still, well worth a look and perhaps there are some people in New Zealand and Australia who can contribute to the site and help expand it.

A statement on the website says: Some batches/lots are associated with excessive deaths, disabilities and adverse reactions. This variation could be due to:

  • Variation in the amount, meaning the number of doses distributed for a particular lot
  • Variation in the toxicity of the doses

It also says due to the millions of visits the site is getting, it may be slow to load – the owner has set up an alternative mirror site here.

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