Higher vaxxed seems to translate into higher death rates in Australia

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Australia is currently recording a 7 day average of 72 Covid-19 deaths every day. But during the first wave of Covid-19 to hit the country back in March 2020, the 7 day average equated to no more than 4 deaths per day. 

Meanwhile official New South Wales Government figures shows that throughout the whole of March 2022, the vaccinated population accounted for over 4 in every 5 Covid-19 deaths. 

So why is it that the 7 day average number of Covid-19 deaths is currently 18 times higher two years on from the beginning of the pandemic? 

And why is it that according to official Government figures, the vaccinated population account for 84% of the record breaking number of Covid-19 deaths in Australia?

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Below, New Zealand deaths spike following the booster…

Below, a live feed from Our World Data showing New Zealand’s covid death trend…

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