Groundswell NZ gears up for nationwide day of protest today

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Following the hugely successful Howl of a Protest and lack of response from the Government, Groundswell NZ is holding a country-wide day of protest on Sunday 21 November.

Groundswell NZ’s expectation is this major protest will be of a scale and impact that will be significant in New Zealand’s history.

Groundswell NZ spokesman Bryce McKenzie says there is widespread concern among both rural and urban people, councils, and the business sector about the direction the Government is taking our country and the tsunami of unworkable regulations being rammed through.

The organisation has written to all councils calling for a halt to all RMA planning processes. This is mainly because of the significant negative impact zonings like SNAs, wetlands and landscapes are having on people and their property values. says McKenzie.

“In tandem with writing to councils, Groundswell NZ is calling for all landowners to decline access for councils or their agents wanting to undertake mapping or information gathering on private land,” says McKenzie.

‘Groundswell NZ has identified serious implications with this information gathering that landowners are largely unaware of.”

Groundswell NZ’s campaign is primarily concerned about the unworkable regulations including Freshwater, Indigenous Biodiversity and Climate Change.

“We are not against the need for regulation or the need to care for the environment”, says McKenzie. ”Nor are we calling for a halt to addressing environmental issues. We are saying there are much better, proven solutions to addressing environmental issues than the one size fits all approach being legislated by the government.

“There are thousands of community and private environmental initiatives happening across the country and we believe everyone has a role to play to continue the momentum.”.

Groundswell NZ has added the Three Waters reform and the Water Services Bill to its growing list of unworkable regulations.

“Such is the magnitude of change being taken with the Three Waters reform Groundswell NZ believe the people of New Zealand should have a say through referendums in each district and city,” says McKenzie.

Groundswell NZ has put a stake in the ground and is committed to following through with its campaign until the Government addresses the legislative failings being raised by grassroots New Zealanders. Enough is enough.”

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