GPs banned from writing vax exemptions – clinics may segregate unvaxed patients

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By Michael Kelly

UPDATED 8 November (section7a removed): A GP speaking on condition of anonymity says doctors across New Zealand have been faced with distressed patients as a result of Jacinda Ardern’s decision to strong-arm the public into being vaccinated against covid-19.

The doctor, who is pro-vaccine, says GPs have been prevented by the government from issuing exemptions to the Pfizer vaccine and claims exemptions already issued will be withdrawn by the health authorities. This means Jacinda Ardern is telling trained doctors what they can and can’t do.

“Patients have been able to get exemptions from wearing masks because it stops your oxygen flow,” says the GP. “But an exemption from the vaccine is very difficult now.

“The advice from the Ministry is clear – the only people who qualify for medical exemption to the vaccine are those who have had an anaphylactic reaction to the first vaccine or suffered an anaphylactic event previously.

“There are some GPs who are about to be struck off by the Medical Council, some have written lots of exemption letters, which are worthless now,” says the GP.

When it comes to recommending a treatment a GP might consider that for a patient’s mental or physical wellbeing a drug – such as the trial Pfizer jab – is not best for them.

That decision has been taken out of the hands of your doctor. Their hands are tied by an elected politician with zero medical training.

However, according to the Ministry of Health exemptions will be available to certain people based on a clinical assessment from 6 November 2021 and the person who decides if an exemption is issued is Chris Hipkins, the government’s Covid Response Minister.

The ministry says that in some situations, health and disability, education and corrections workers may be able to get an exemption from being vaccinated against covid-19.

Section 7a of the government’s Vaccination Order provides the criteria the Minister must consider when deciding whether to grant an exception. (Updated 8 November: Section 7a has been withdrawn by government and so is not available).

In short, health and disability, education and corrections workers wanting to apply for an exemption will need to get a doctor’s note and send it to the headmaster, er Mr Hipkins, to review and sign it off (or not as the case may be).

Meanwhile, there’s talk of workplace health and safety issues being raised as employee’s mental health and stress levels are raised due to their reluctance to get jabbed to keep their job. Many believe there is a case to answer as mental health is as important as physical health in the workplace.

With regard the Pfizer vaccine, the GP says official data shows immunity against the covid-19 virus drops within three months and certainly within six months. Hence talk of the boosters.

And unvaccinated patients visiting this doctor’s clinic will soon have to go into a segregated area for a consultation.

“Within the next couple of weeks unvaccinated patients will be seen in a separate area of the clinic and that includes children who can’t be vaccinated.”

The question has to be, why are vaccinated people – such as doctors – fearful of the unvaccinated? The madness continues, until you say enough is enough. Or you conclude, as many of us have, that this is more about control and a national ID card than a virus.

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