Government double-standard must be challenged – the time to stand up is now

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Government officials, executives, bean counters and pen-pushing civil servants are now excused from all the workplace rules and mandates the rest of us are suffering under.

A recent amendment to the Covid health response legislation means Government officials have excluded themselves from all the measures the rest of us are supposed to live with – including the ridiculous issue of wearing a face mask.

Meanwhile, Jacinda Ardern is mandating that you must comply while encouraging the police to believe the relevant orders require masks whenever you leave your home – including to buy your groceries, petrol or medication.

It is a grotesque double-standard Ardern (remember her name) snuck through under your nose, and you should rightly be outraged by it.

The fact is supermarkets and ignorant police officers have become the Gestapo. And they are too stupid to realise what they are doing.

The fact is that virtually anyone can qualify for facemark exemption. But woke and misinformed supermarket managers along with the boys and girls in blue are now ignoring common sense and blindly following what they think are their orders.

These idiots are blocking, banning, and arresting God-fearing Kiwis for exercising their right not to wear a mask.

And here’s the real important bit. It’s a test. Ardern Hitler is seeing how far she can go, how far she can push you.

Rest assured, all those who support Ardern and her ilk will be held to account at some point.

Make no mistake Ardern is using this face mask nonsense as a test to assess the pushback as a gauge for when she escalates the mandates to contact tracing and vaccine compliance.

Ardern will consider a display of weekness on your part to be a green light for her to push forward. You must play your part now.

The more we kick back, the less chance she has of pushing on. We must continue to push back as it is almost now or never.

If you weren’t worried enough about at the vaccine, Ardern now plans to roll it out for the your teenage children – and they don’t need it.

Ardern must know by now that severe injury – including heart damage and death – is a well documented side-effect of the filthy experimental vaccine.

With the first example of vaccine coercion afflicting front line workers there is now a wave of businesses nationwide bullying their staff and contractors into taking the jab.

Legal cases to defend employees’ inalienable rights to work without coercion are already underway, while the reports from distraught workers of employer bullying are growing by the day.

Vaccine Passports Imminent (No Jab No Life – Coming Soon)

The ground work is almost laid for Ardern to coerce you to take the vaccine and contact trace whether you want to or not.

The usage is currently framed around travel, but the minute it’s active you can bet your boots it will be applied to supermarkets, petrol stations, cafe’s, restaurants, and everything else you need to live freely.

You only have to look at how these businesses are behaving around masks today to see how Ardern wants this to ay out.

Ardern’s lackeys are talking to the CEOs of these companies and the face mask policy is sent down to the line – it’s transparent.

The writing is on the wall, all the evidence is there for all to see.

Unless we act together right now against this tyranny today, we’ll have to face the full brunt of the discrimination alone – will you be able to resist the “mandates by way of coercion, or even force” then?

You either beat this now and send Ardern and her tyrannical government out the door or answer to your children tomorrow.

Each of us, no matter how bloody tough, needs to stand up. And that includes you Ellen.

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