Government and media continue campaign of fear mongering

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It is becoming increasingly obvious that there is another variant or virus or pandemic which is going to be thrust upon us, probably in the not-too-distant future. The media is saturated with loud warnings and fear-mongering. They appear to be telling us what is planned.

  • “…if [the country] is hit with a new Covid-19 variant that is more infectious or severe than Omicron.” Sounds like when, not if.
  • Restrictions have been eased “for now”. But they’ll be back.
  • “…the threat of future variants looming…”
  • “…something more infectious or dangerous…”
  • “This virus is only really getting started. The pandemic is a long way from over…”

“Frankly, I’m worried about all versions of Omicron around”, states Siouxsie Wiles.

Michael Plank is expecting “waves of Covid-19 infections driven by waning immunity and evolution
of the virus.”

Peter Gluckman with his new report from the International Science Council is suggesting “that a worst-case scenario could see lockdowns still impacting us five years from now”.

It seems they are preparing us. They are ramping up testing and monitoring so they can find this new variant or mutant or wave to torment us with. They are even storing your specimens if you visit a doctor and have a PCR test so they can backdate this new outbreak of contagion. If nobody submits to a PCR test, they won’t have any data to work with… Oh no, that’s right. There are now laws that allow for enforcement of medical testing.

The politicians are espousing the virtues of new forms of monitoring, surveillance and recording. There are new ways you can keep track of all your vaccines. (There will soon be too many for your brain to hold!) It will be voluntary for the time being, but how long is the time being?

“[Vaccine passes] are not going to be used in the foreseeable future in the way that they were previously, for hospitality and all those sorts of things” we are reassured by Chris Hipkins, but what about the UNforeseeable future? How far can we really foresee?

As we head into winter and naturally there are higher rates of viral respiratory infections (remember this could be due to your low Vitamin D), will these be labelled as a threat to our health system to bring into action the new plans being drafted, along with the carefully-retained restrictive measures and new vaccine recording options?

We note that influenza has surfaced down south. Tertiary-aged students in Dunedin are getting sicker than ever before and parents are needing to take them home. They will all be
vaccinated. What has that done to their immune systems?

Will we be happy to see QR codes, MIQ, lockdowns, vaccine passes, social isolation, etc. making a comeback? Are we really that scared of viruses? Do we really have that low an opinion and understanding of our immune systems and infectious diseases? Have we still not learned to take into account the cost of the measures employed, while blinded by their supposed benefit?

David Seymour has a long list of improvements he wants to be made before the next contagion emerges. We see health didn’t make the list. That’s probably unrelated to this whole situation…!
While our government is creating and enacting new laws and clauses for pandemic responses, the World Health Organisation (WHO) is trying to get us all (every country on the planet) signed up to their treaty so they can be in control of the whole world when these new outbreaks occur.

Bill Gates (not a doctor, not a scientist, not elected to do anything) is “not wanting to be a voice of doom and gloom but it’s way above a five percent risk that this pandemic, we haven’t even seen the worst of it.”

And guess what, he’s got the solution already planned: “The 66-year-old is now calling for the development of longer-lasting vaccines while urging world leaders to put funding into preparing the world for future health threats.”

These articles are devoid of common sense. Nowhere do they mention anything about improving the health of our collective immune systems, or bolstering GP capacity where the bulk of infectious disease work is done, or early treatment to stop people needing to go to hospital or ICU, or letting doctors decide whether a test is actually needed (i.e. will it make a difference to the treatment recommended). Nowhere does it mention discussing any of this with us, we the people, who will be affected by all these resurrected restrictive measures.

We think the modellers need to be retired. They have not done the public any favours. They don’t have clinical experience with real human beings and all their foibles. Modelling cannot take into account human variation, natural immunity, nutritional status, co-morbidities, the extent of exposure or personal beliefs. It assumes we are all uniform and all at equal risk from, and all equally scared of, a virus, which is very far from the truth.

These scientists really have it in for us. Peter Gluckman apparently advised Herald reporter Jaime Morton that “150 experts called for the Government to improve, not loosen, the Covid-19.

Do we just simply accept the inevitable and all the accompanying oxymoronic ‘enabling restrictions’, or be clear that “NO we don’t want to do this anymore”? We are grown-ups and don’t need to be wrapped in cotton wool. We’d rather live upright dangerously than on bended knee, beaten down by fear-mongering, predictive programming and compounding risks from never-ending gene shots.

Make your voice heard.

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