Global covid vaccine injuries and deaths

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Realised on 14 April 2021 is this list (alternate link) of press cuttings from around the world showing deaths and injuries of people following a covid vaccine injection.

From doctors and nurses, to young people, mothers-to-be and the elderly – the vaccine appears not to descriminate.

The PDF is an 87 meg file, and features page after page of injuries suspected to have been caused by covid vaccines.

As readers may recall, all vaccine makers have been given immunity from prosecution by governments the world over. Vaccine production and distribution is a multimillion-dollar global business.

In New Zealand, private healthcare providers have assured its members that their insurance policies will not be affected should a member become ill following a vaccination. Because injuries as a result of vaccinations are not covered by private health insurance policies.

Instead, the government’s ACC scheme will cover the treatment of any vaccine-related injury. How a vaccine that’s voluntarily taken can be deemed an accident is a question that needs addressing.

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