Getting vaccinated? Check this out before you roll up your sleeve

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The Pfizer vaccine is a sensitive fellow requiring delicate handling and should not be applied neat – each vial is good for six does and needs to be mixed with a saline solution to be injected into a person.

You can download the vaccine’s ingredient list here.

The advice from Medsafe to those administering the Pfizer vaccine includes:

  1. The vaccine should be brought to room temperature. It should not feel cold to touch.
  2. Check the expiry date & time printed on the box.
  3. Check the vial stopper is intact.
  4. Invert the vaccine vial gently 10 times. DO NOT SHAKE.
  5. Inspect the vial. The thawed suspension may contain white to off-white opaque amorphous particles. Do not use if discoloured, save the vial and report as an incident.


  1. Remove purple plastic cap guard on top of vaccine vial carefully using an aseptic technique.
  2. Cleanse vaccine vial stopper with a single-use antiseptic/alcohol swab and leave to dry for 30 seconds.
  3. Use supplied diluent(0.9%sodiumchlorideforinjection).Checkexpirydateandbatchnumber.
  4. Open diluent just before use. Diluent that is opened and not used immediately must be discarded. Only prepare saline syringes as they are needed.
  5. Using aseptic technique, withdraw 1.8 mL of diluent into a syringe (using a 25-gauge orange standard needle). Discard the rest of the saline.
  6. Independently check this volume with an appropriately trained colleague.

Slowly add 1.8 mL of diluent into the vaccine vial.

Those handling the Pfizer vaccine are warned to ensure to store it undiluted at +2°C to +8°C for up to 31 days. This includes distribution time.

For dilution, vials can be stored at room temperature (but less than +30°C) for an additional two hours at most.

The Buzz suggests that those people who are being vaccinated against their wishes write on the consent form that they are taking the vaccine under duress. Once you have written this on the consent form, and signed it, take a photo of the form – including your signature and statement.

The Buzz suggest the following: I am being vaccinated against my wishes due to government and social pressure.

Download the advisory to vaccinators here. And there has been talk of orange and purple capped vials – we wonder if there is any difference between the two.

Just by-the-by, one member of The Buzz team contacted their GP about getting the Pfizer vaccine (reluctantly) and their GP said they would have a nurse administer the dose. No matter what our colleague said, their GP basically refused to administer the vaccine to them.

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