Genetic vaccine technology is inherently unsafe – Dr Guy Hatchard

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Opinion: I have noticed during the last few days that a number of the provaxx but science-qualified bloggers such Drs Vinay Prasad and John Campbell have begun to ask variations of “What did we do wrong?”. Our government could ask similar questions of themselves.

How did our government policy and understanding become ‘stuck’, unable to take account of changing scientific publication – about vaccine adverse effects, transmissibility, Covid outcomes, etc?

Guy Hatchard, publisher of the Hatchard Report.
Guy Hatchard, publisher of the Hatchard Report.

The impression created overseas by our government’s isolationism and refusal to face alternatives is one of intellectual inadequacy, crusading naïveté, and desire to control the narrative at all costs.

An article in the UK Daily Telegraph (paywalled) today described prime minister Jacinda Ardern as offering “a myopic moral vision, with no end in sight”.

The public deserves a complete narrative no matter how embarrassing that might be.

Has our government been pushing a less than honest narrative for reasons it is not prepared to discuss? The public deserves a complete narrative no matter how embarrassing that might be. Science must involve debate, not dogma.


For years the biotechnology industry had been curating a deceptive public relations campaign to convince decision-makers that they were producing a safe genetic cure for all diseases. A mouth-watering prospect for their bottom line. This deceptive PR has polluted every channel of medical information.

Our government took the bait – hook, line, and sinker. We gaily sidelined established medical principles of safety testing, ethics, primary care, and prevention. Chronic illness rates were clearly the main drivers of high Covid mortality, but nothing was relayed to the public that improvements in diet and lifestyle would greatly help survival rates.

Novel, largely untested mRNA vaccination was adopted as a stand-alone solution. From the beginning there was evidence that this was unsupported. Let’s be absolutely clear, the government was made aware and warned – but turned its head and blocked its ears.

Mandatory reporting

As a scientist one of the most appalling mistakes of the government (used in its most general sense to include all aspects of officialdom) was to decide that it was not necessary to have mandatory reporting of adverse effects of Covid vaccination. This must have arisen from a decision to ‘trust’ Pfizer absolutely.

Given Pfizer’s appalling safety record and the similarly appalling safety record of gene therapy, this was madness.

In essence, it means that all analysis of CARM adverse effects and any comparisons with population norms are utterly meaningless.

In December 2021 the government doubled down on this policy in a letter to myself despite simultaneously admitting that cardiac events were common enough to warrant a special alert to DHBs.

It is worth noting that mandatory reporting of adverse events for a novel medicine is the gold standard, that was required. The refusal to follow this protocol can be nothing less than criminal. Moreover the government saturation advertising that announced and continues to announce Covid vaccination as safe and effective in the face of published studies to the contrary and our own CARM system data is similarly criminal.

The mRNA vaccine is not effective

Long before the mandates came in there was abundant data that the vaccine waned in effectiveness rapidly. There was also worrying data that areas with high vaccine rates around the world did not have low case numbers and low deaths.

Therefore there was insufficient data to warrant coertion. All this has been hashed over in so many blogs and letters to the government.

As a statistician, I am very clear from such anomalous data that there are other factors at work that need to be researched very carefully. Did we get that? No, we got mandates and we got interdepartmental messaging that the threat of Covid to health was so dire that we could ignore basic principles of disclosure.

Independent watchdogs such as the Advertising Standards Authority were convinced by this dishonest drivel to take a hands off stance. The latest data released by the UK government itself under OIA puts total deaths solely due to Covid over the whole period of the pandemic at 17,000 not the 155,000 we have been frightened with.

I feel sick. Good God. What have we done?

Dr Aseem Malhotra.

Fortunately, we now have whistleblowers. Many are just beginning to gain the courage to speak up in the still strangled information deficit of NZ, but here is one senior cardiologist and public health campaigner in the UK Dr Aseem Malhotra.

He says: “In the Times newspaper in October I discounted the contribution of the mRNA jab to cardiovascular disease. I now realise I was wrong. We’ve been completely conned and the truth does not look pretty. Time for the whole truth to be unleashed. Everything I know and have learnt from the most reliable pieces of evidence and experts in the past few months has caused me to lose sleep. I feel sick. Good God. What have we done?”

The most significant scientific lesson – genetic vaccine technology is inherently unsafe. The sooner this can be publicly debated the better.

Omicron is not controlled by vaccination

How long can the government continue to push vaccine mandates which are draining our economy and ruining small businesses in the face of the ineffectiveness of mRNA vaccines against Omicron, a mild variant that has evolved specifically to evade them?

Our courts failed us

How did our courts come to the extraordinary decision to sideline the NZ Bill of Rights which should have protected us from medical experimentation and guaranteed our right of choice over medical procedures? This was an extraordinary failure of natural justice.

The offered excuse was a special case of medical emergency – from which just 50 people have died with Covid over two years – a figure dwarfed by deaths proximate to vaccination. Did our judges have no sense of the historical events which led to the creation of medical rights?

How can they still see themselves as protectors of Common Law, rather than the enforcers of government policy they have become? Moreover, Dr Ashley Bloomfield seized the opportunity presented by this judicial vacuum, to deny people injured by their first injection any exemption to a second – a callous and essentially punishing attitude which goes against medical ethics; and victimises and endangers people who began by doing their best to comply with government policies.

The most highly disadvantaged group in New Zealand facing a most uncertain future are vaccinated individuals…

Media abandoned their principle protective role

How did our mainstream media decide to become a one-sided propaganda machine of the government? Did it have no sense of the traditional role of the media to investigate and question events and policy?

In particular, its acceptance of an unwarranted fear narrative was key to the worst outcomes of the pandemic for our society. Fear is a huge driver of social instability, it truncates rational thought and leads to hasty selfish decisions (whether the threat to life is real or not). It encourages scape-goating.

The published tabloid-style stories of unrepresentative individuals overseas suffering extreme medical outcomes of Covid were presented as valid sources for public knowledge and expectations, while the equally frightening and relatively common side effects of vaccination here in NZ went unreported.

An unquestioning [mainstream] media support for mandates, in addition to the inexplicable failure to publicise vaccine injuries, also drove divisive attitudes. It is hard to imagine how the media will regain public trust.

This story still has a long time to run

Vaccine development usually involves 10 years of safety testing. The most highly disadvantaged group in New Zealand facing a most uncertain future are vaccinated individuals who remain part of an on-going genetic experiment.

For example, those affected by cardiac events and precursive symptoms have a need for medical monitoring that is not currently being provided.

Our political system has proved inadequate to the task. Government expenditures to date have almost doubled the national debt. Inflation stands at 5.9%. Small business, retail, and tourist venture collapses continue. House prices have rocketed up by 30% as commercial money seeks safe havens. Our room to manoeuvre is limited.

We can begin by uniting a country behind openness and honesty and behind acceptance of difference and diversity. That will be a good medicine.

Guy Hatchard PhD was formerly a senior manager at Genetic ID, a global food testing and certification company,

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