Thousands of freedom supporters put Ardern on notice

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By Michael Kelly

Thousands of Kiwis arrived in the Capital today (Tuesday 9 November) calling for freedom, an end to compulsory vaccinations, and the scrapping of the ‘no jab, no job’ edict from Jacinda Ardern’s government.

Supported by the Freedoms & Rights Coalition the event started at 10.30am and has been referred to as New Zealand’s 9/11 – due to the event being held on 9 November – and will include a huge public gathering on the steps of Parliament calling on Ardern to remove her covid mandates by 2pm Friday 12 November.

In a Facebook post, the organisation says today will be a momentous day in history as “The People’s Movement”, consisting of thousands of people from all walks of life, will flood the grounds of Parliament, unhappy with many of their freedoms and rights being violated by the Labour government.

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“It is clear, our Freedoms & Rights will no longer be reclaimed in New Zealand through the judicial system, or through writing submissions, petitions, emails and letters,” says the organisation in a statement.

“With the unfortunate news yesterday that Sue Grey was unsuccessful in the High Court with her No Jab, No Job legal case, it’s clear that our judicial system is not fit for purpose when it comes to protecting our fundamental NZ Bill of Rights.

“For a long time, New Zealanders have written submissions, signed petitions and coined numerous emails and letters to politicians. Yet, time after time our politicians ignore the voice of the people and these politicians forcefully advance their predetermined agendas, be damned what anyone thinks.

“The voice of outrage from the people is growing decidedly louder day by day, tensions are rising, and people are reaching breaking point or boiling point.

“The number of protesters are gaining in force wherever the Prime Minister goes. The tide has turned…the public mood has changed.

“Let’s get on with a life of freedom as we learn to live with covid-19. We the people, we will present our realistic expectations on the steps of Parliament today and a challenge will go out to the 120 Members of Parliament who are supposed to serve and represent ‘we the people’ every day as they sit in the House of Representatives.

“Who will stand up for ‘we the people?’ Who truly cares about ‘we the people?’ Who will fight for our Freedoms & Rights? This government will have until this Friday 12th November 2021 at 2 pm to take affirmative steps.”

In a TV interview Jacinda Ardern said the rally for freedom was not representative of the nation’s people and referred to those asking for sanctions to be lifted as anti-vaxxers.

Freedom supporters at Wellington today (video grab).
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