Freedom of choice poster causes a stir in Waitoki

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A street sign in Waitoki near Kaukapakapa north of Auckland is supporting freedom of choice, and The Buzz assumes it is referring to the covid vaccine.

The sign says: “We support freedom of choice for our school teachers and staff” and appeared outside a Waitoki school just days before PM Jacinda Ardern went on TV Monday to say all school teachers, staff, and helpers, must be compulsorily vaccinated against covid-19.

Ardern’s announcement came the same day Medsafe announced it was securing supplies of a new treatment for the covid virus that could provide an alternative to the vaccine. The WHO also announced new treatments for covid sufferers some weeks back.

The new treatments would mean only those infected and ill with covid-19 would need medical assistance, rather than vaccinating 90% of the country’s population, which is the government’s current aim that’s supported by mainstream media.

A spokesperson for Waitoki school told New Zealand Herald reporter Nikki Preston that it was not a sign endorsed by the school and would be removed (after a chain securing it to a power poll was cut).

The Herald reporter wrote (without citing sources) that “a rogue community group” had erected the sign and an NZ Herald Facebook post claimed it was an anti-vax sign.

If you see other signs supporting freedom then do please send them to The Buzz so we can give them a wider audience.

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