Former police officer lists Long Service medal on TradeMe for $1 – TradeMe deletes listing

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TradeMe has deleted the listing of a Long Service medal listed by a former police officer unhappy with the way protesters in Wellington were handled on Wednesday 2 March.

TradeMe member Tatman had listed his Long Service police medal with a dollar reserve and bidding had reached $3,500 before TradeMe stepped in.

Tatman wrote on his listing…: After 17 years dedicated frontline service in the New Zealand Police, my employment was terminated on 8th February 2022 as I would not submit the vaccination mandate. A successful judicial review has since found the mandate imposed was unlawful.

Today (Wednesday 2nd March 2022) I witnessed scenes at the WELLINGTON FREEDOM PROTEST via live feed. What I saw disturbed me more than anything I have witnessed during my 17 years of service. I am so ashamed.

This medal was awarded to me 3 years ago. It is has never been worn and no longer has any value to me, hence the $1 reserve.

Although my future is uncertain, I know my days of serving the community in this role are over.

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