For the person who has everything…A rug featuring the face of Ashley Bloomfield

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A handmade tufted rug featuring the image of Ashley Bloomfield (or an adult Harry Potter) has reached bidding of more than $100 on auction site TradeMe.

Made with acrylic yarn, tufted into fabric, one TradeMe member asked if it can be used on the floor of a toilet. Sadly, the answer is ‘no’. Another comments on its beauty and there are 11 unanswered questions.

The Mt Eden lister, ‘Emmmma’, suggests the 52cm by 55cm work of art can be hung on a wall or used as a floor rug – presumably so the owner can stamp their dirty boots on the face of the country’s director general of health.

It could also be used as a mat for domestic pets and if it gets too dirty could be hung on a washing line and Bloomfield’s face spanked with a carpet beater until clean.

Below…a video featuring Ashley Gloomfield – vaccinated people will die…

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