Five Covid truths that could have saved us from self-destruction

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By Neville Hodgkinson, Conservative Woman: Doctors, lawyers and other patient advocates around the world are challenging the legality, ethics and scientific basis of the global drive to vaccinate the entire population, including children, against Covid-19.  But even as they raise their voices, the intensity of censorship is increasing.   

The latest victim is cardiologist, internal disease specialist, epidemiologist and academic researcher Dr Peter McCullough, editor-in-chief of two medical journals and author of over 600 peer-reviewed publications in the US National Library of Medicine, more than 45 of them dedicated to Covid-19.  He has managed the care of more than 100 Covid patients as well as advising on hundreds more worldwide.   

When this top American doctor spoke out on the effectiveness of early treatment, and raised questions over the safety and effectiveness of the vaccines, he began to find himself a pariah among colleagues.   

He now faces what he calls ‘a dark cloud of censorship and reprisal’, including a legal action against which his attorneys were filing a defence last week… 

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