Fired for refusing to take part in covid vaccine trial

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A customs worker who says she has not been asked to be tested for covid-19 by her employer is the latest to be sacked for refusing the trial vaccine.

Last week Jacinda Ardern’s government made it mandatory for all border workers to be part of the covid vaccine trial (which won’t end before 2023) and today Radio New Zealand reports on one border worker who says she was never subject to any testing for covid at work.

So after weeks and months of not being perceived to be at risk, and not required to be tested or wear protective gear to do her job, the woman is fired for not wanting to be vaccinated.

Employment law advocate Ashleigh Fechney – who is representing four of the nine border workers fired as a result of refusing the vaccine – told RNZ that it makes no sense to sack a person who was never tested, or required to wear PPE.

All covid vaccines are in the trial phase and these won’t start to end until 2023.

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