Eye-watering cost of covid vaccines confirmed

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Back in August 2021 The Buzz published a story where we estimated the cost of the covid vaccine to taxpayers at $32 a pop. It turns out our guess fell a bit short, for covid response minister Chris Hipkins has revealed the actual price in papers inadvertently released to Newsroom.

The price you paid for the Pfizer vaccine was $36.50 for each dose of the trial medication. Government is spending $1 billion on vaccines.

Soon after prime minister Jacinda Ardern first announced the vaccines had been ordered from Pfizer, The Buzz and many others sought to establish the price government was paying Pfizer. These requests were repeatedly declined. Even the ombudsman couldn’t help.

The Ministry of Health has apparently signed a contract preventing them from revealing details of the purchase.

Government papers also reveal:

  • $80.6 million for AstraZeneca vaccines
  • $384.7 million for Novavax
  • $85.5 million for Janssen (order placed on hold)

Below are two pages from the Pfizer contact as published by Newsroom.

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