EU medical watchdog probes link between covid vaccine and irregular periods

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Europe’s medicines watchdog today announced it will probe thousands of reports of women suffering menstrual changes after getting Covid vaccines made by Pfizer or Moderna.

The European Medicines Agency’s drug safety committee is investigating both cases of heavy bleeding and missed periods following vaccination. 

It will look through all the reported incidents in the EU and clinical trial data, as well as review the scientific literature. 

The EMA’s panel previously investigated the connection between irregular periods and Covid vaccines but could not establish a firm link. It is reopening the case after receiving ‘spontaneous reports of menstrual disorders’ more recently.

Women around the world have reported an irregular period after getting the mRNA vaccines, with some studies suggesting the issue affects four in 10 women.

But the EU regulator says there is still no reason to believe the jab impacts fertility — a concern which has driven hesitancy among women. Period irregularities can also be triggered by a Covid itself, other medical conditions and tiredness.

So far studies have either pointed to small and short-lived period disruption post-vaccination, or not found a link at all.  

More than 50,000 reports of period changes, including late periods, have been logged in the UK alone, triggering a review by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)…

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But researchers noted that those taking the contraceptive pill were more likely to experience period changes compared to those not taking it. 

The length of the menstrual cycle varies between individual women, but the average is every 28 days.

However, cycles as short as 21 days or as long as 40 are not considered unusual.

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