Enjoy the breather while it lasts

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By Terry Smith

Anyone who has ever worked for a bully will have surely recognised the signs by now. Or maybe not. One of the problems of finding yourself managed by a bully is that they are often so cunning you blame yourself for everything that appears to be going wrong.

The classic trait of a workplace bully is that the pressure they place upon their target grows to a point where you mentally prepare to resign and then – all of a sudden – the bully is as nice as pie.

Then the self-doubt starts to manifest itself. Is he/she really as bad as you thought, perhaps they do have your best interests at heart. Life settles down, your self-confidence starts to grow, and then it all turns sour again. Once again you can’t do anything right and your confidence dwindles until you are not sure which way is up.

Eventually you can’t say for sure what colour the sky is because you doubt your own sanity and decision making. It looks blue but you wonder if it’s red.

Bullies apply pressure, release it, apply it again, and then release it. And this behaviour can start with modest pressure and build up over a number of years. It builds because the bully gets ever more confident as your self-confidence is torn to shreds. And it’s not your fault. You think everyone is as reasonable and as honest as you are. They are not. Particularly those in power.

But think about it for a moment. That characteristic of the workplace bully is one of applying pressure, releasing it – you get your breath – and the knee comes back down on your neck again. And you just think ‘if only I was nicer, kinder, more understanding, more compliant…Then the bully would leave me alone’.

And this is what has been happening in New Zealand and elsewhere for two years. Flatten the curve, breather, lockdown, breather, get the jab, breather, get another jab, breather, lockdown, breather, Christmas arrives, pressure released for the jabbed with passports and the majority think it’s all basically over and the bully will leave us all alone now.

She won’t. She hasn’t found your breaking point yet. You are not quite complaint enough, you’ve almost been put in a digital prison, but until everyone’s in the system it won’t work. Those who have not succumbed to bullying will need special attention.

Now the jabbing of children is to start, boosters are here, and even though Omicron is the least deadly of all the covid variants so far (akin to a bad cold), people are already rolling up their sleeves to be jabbed again.

I wonder if some people, having bought into the vaccine, and its close friend the freedom pass, feel obliged to get the booster. For its rejection would be an admission of error or poor judgment. Could it be your unvaxxed friends were right all along? Best to comply and stay with the program to keep the passport valid than to reject the booster shots and concede that perhaps – just perhaps – you have been hoodwinked into a system you don’t agree with.

I did wonder if the first booster would be rejected by the vast majority of people and be the beginning of the end for the national ID scheme and the Great Reset. But I think the Great Reset, the wiping of debt, the abolition of cash, and the introduction of a digital monetary system, is coming and can’t be stopped.

Just look at the level of debt New Zealand has, it will take generations of taxpayer’s cash to pay off and most likely lead to reduced public services too. Best to wipe the slate clean and start over?

But what’s wrong with digital money? Isn’t it the same as credit card money?

The fear among those who watch these matters closely is that New Zealand could end up like some parts of China and its social credit system. Publish something critical of the government on social media and suddenly your covid pass won’t allow you to board a bus or book a flight.

To keep your social credit score high enough to take part in wider society will require you to be permanently kind and to say only positive things. People’s silence will be the loudest indicator of their true feelings. Is that what you want? Silent consent?

Or maybe your earnings will have an expiry date, meaning you need to consume or lose your money. When a security camera catches you crossing the road when you shouldn’t you could be fined instantly – the credits being deducted from your bank account before you get to the other side of the street.

Perhaps the fourth booster will get people to reject the ‘new normal’. Or the fifth? Perhaps the sixth? Maybe the seventh? What’s one more jab to keep your job and social life?

I am just a Joe Blow, I have no great insight or privileged information, but what I think will happen is that come January 17 2022 our summer of freedom will be over, and the government along with the police (boosted by a batch of eager new recruits keen to please their masters) will come down on us all again.

Unless people like you and your neighbours say differently, the covid variants and booster shots will keep you compliant and on your knees forever more.

Unfortunately, we can’t resign and leave the bully this time. So perhaps the best we can do is be passive aggressive and score a win for freedom when and where we can until this dreadful chapter is behind us.

And from what I am told by those operating at much higher levels than I, this too shall pass, positive change is on its way, but prepare yourself for a tough 2022.

Meanwhile, the campaign against the unvaccinated needs to be challenged at every step. This is by far the most evil and divisive exercise carried out by any dictator in 80 years. The unvaxxed are not unclean.

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