Early risers could get an eyeful of planets

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Early risers are set to get a serving of celestial with their cereal on Tuesday morning (29 March) when three planets and the Moon will appear close to each other in the early morning sky.

In a special celestial event, Mars, Venus, Saturn and a crescent Moon will be so close to each other that they will be easily seen altogether with the naked eye.

Stardome astronomer Rob Davison says that while it is relatively common for two of these planets to appear close to each other, it is exciting to have all three planets and the moon come together in such close proximity.

“Mars and Venus came close to each other earlier this month and Mars and Saturn will appear next to each other on April 5th. But, what’s cool about this is that all three of these planets will appear as bright points in the same vicinity, with the added bonus of the Moon as well,” says Rob.

“There’s plenty of leeway for people to see the planets close to each other, but the Moon will move much more quickly across the sky, so on Tuesday between 4:30am and 6:30am is the best time to get a view of all four together.”

Rob says early risers on Tuesday morning should look to the east above the horizon to see the spectacle. The four will rise at around 4am, steadily rising higher over the following hours, before sunrise arrives towards 7am.

“Here’s hoping the clouds stay away so everyone has the chance to get a good view,” says Rob.

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