“Drop the mandates now” say campaigners

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Amid claims from some of those camped outside Parliament that those causing trouble and raising tensions between anti-mandate campaigners and the police are paid agitators comes news that Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern agrees covid-19 is a ‘mild’ disease.

Anti-vax mandate campaigners are now asking why mandates need to stay in place “for even one day longer?”

In a press release issued to most media, campaigners say “we don’t use mandates to protect New Zealanders from the seasonal flu, nor the common cold – to which Omicron has been likened internationally, even by the WHO”.

The campaigner’s press release states…:

There is no evidence that the unvaccinated transmit Covid more than the vaccinated. Not even the vaccines protect the vaccinated anymore.

There is now no justification for trying to ‘protect’ the vaccinated from the unvaccinated.

Jacinda, it’s time to put up or shut up about the evidence supporting your mandate policy. This government has failed to present its scientific justification for perpetuating a system of socio-medical apartheid against the unvaccinated.

Hundreds of unvaccinated doctors, nurses, scientists, and academics in New Zealand have reviewed this critical information. Why does it have to stay hidden?

Today, the prime minister’s reflections on the protest in Wellington were predicated upon relentless, deliberate misuse of information about Omicron. She is more concerned with avoiding distress to the victims of her ongoing fearmongering. Politics, not health, drive her strategy.

We have a very serious problem when the country’s top GP, Dr Bryan Betty, admits to being much more concerned about the unnecessarily ‘worried well’ flooding appointment books of GPs around New Zealand, getting in the way of things like routine cancer screening and follow-ups (Link to source)

Dr Betty even went so far as to predict this winter’s regular seasonal flu will prove more deadly than Omicron.

Those standing in the rain demanding their freedom back are now in a literal standoff with a government behaving like a bolshy teenager and unwilling to back down. The Prime Minister is so arrogant as to ignore an offer to meet from a highly experienced mediator with exemplary credentials. She has bitten off her nose to spite her face.

Prime minister and minister for child welfare jacinda Ardern.
Prime minister and minister for child welfare Jacinda Ardern.

Meanwhile, the human rights of thousands of New Zealanders, tragically including their children, continue to be curtailed to an extraordinary extent. Forget three more weeks to the peak Jacinda – just one more day of the mandates is intolerable.

Our demands must immediately be taken into account. The Prime Minister’s barely concealed political objective of extending mandates simply to comfort the ‘worried well’ is utterly shameless.

The overseas experience of Omicron proves people have nothing to be terrified of compared with seasonal flu.

A timely reminder to New Zealanders that hundreds of us die from old fashioned flu every winter does not suit the Prime Minister’s political, as opposed to health, agenda.

Government spin-doctoring works to keep New Zealanders believing that a single coronavirus death is a national tragedy while deliberately ignoring the real tragedy. As a result of the mandates, tens of thousands of New Zealanders are losing their jobs, being vaccinated against their free will, suffering worsening mental health and domestic abuse outcomes, and seeing widespread distress inflicted on our children.

It is a disgrace that not just Labour but all political parties in New Zealand continue to favour their own political self-interest over public health and human rights. Shame on you all.

History will show that the harm caused by the mandates will massively exceed that caused by Covid-19 during 2022.

Drop the mandates now, Jacinda, and get out of our lives.

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